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Already in the 1980s, few marrigeable women lived in the remote valley of the Spanish Pyrenees, where José, Juan and his parents, and Ubaldo reside. Back then, a women's caravan was organised: young women were invited from afar to come to a party, and the male villagers hoped to find potential wives among them. José is the only one of the current inhabitants who was lucky: he found a wife and the marriage with Lola still holds out.
Shepard Ubaldo is 68 years old and moans that he would lovingly give his house and land to a wife, but he is still a bachelor. And Juan has a girlfriend, but she lives in Barcelona and it really reteziens to be seen whether she will ever make the move to go and live in Juan's village.
In Dal der zuchten, the filmmaker follows these people in their day-to-day worries and talks with them about their jobs, about love and about their dreams for the future. All this is alternated with archival footage of the women's caravan and set against the mighty backdrop of the snow-capped mountain range.

In 1993, Carin Goeijers (1967) graduated in audio-visual design from the Academy for Fine Arts in Tilburg. She makes documentaries and industrials. Her short documentary De nieuwerwetse wereld won a Golden Calf at the Dutch Film Festival in 2000.

Director and screenplay: Carin Goeijers
Camera: Gregor Meerman
Sound: Jeroen Goeijers, Rik Meier, Bram Meidsma
Music: Jeroen Goeijers
Editing: Barbara Hin
Producers: Jan Heijs, Ruud Monster, Wouter Snip

50 min., digi beta, colour, The Netherlands, 2004

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