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Denise was planning a career as a lawyer or a flight attendent. Now she is pregnant and it is uncertain whether she will be able to finish secondary school. Melissa dreams about all sorts of things, but spends every day taking care of her baby. Chickies, Babies & Wannabeesfollows these two Dutch-Surinam teenage girls during their - unintended - pregnancy and the first year with their babies. Initially, Melissa turns to a receotion centre for help, but leaves it again a little later because she dislikes the strict rules. Back home, the family quarrels too much, so eventually she starts living on her own with the baby. The fourteen-year-old Denise keeps attending school as best as she can. The fathers of the children (the wannabees from the title) have disappeared and the grandmothers find it hard to accept their daughters' decisions. Denise and Melissa themselves also come to the conclusion that you had better wait until you are 45 before having children.

Director & screenplay: Karin Junger
Camera: Brigit Hillenius, Marie-Claire Pijman, Peter Brugman a.o.
Sound: Carla van der Meijs, Simone Galavazi a.o.
Editing: Marina Bodbijl
Producers: Jan Heijs & Ruud Monster

92 min., 35 mm, colour, The Netherlands, 1999

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