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"My little sisters Kim and Sanda were adopted. They are originally from South Korea. Kim came first. Kim Eun Hee, born 15 January 1967. When she arrived she was almost three years old, ill, and in a state of shock. Later, Sanda came. Jung Il Sung was her real name. She was five and a half, wore a little red uniform and hit everyone who touched her.
We know virtually nothing about Kim and Sanda's background: a birthplace, a date of birth, a medical report. We have Korean forms we cannot decipher. A part of their lives has completely vanished, they have questions about their backgrounds, their Korean relatives, their birthplaces."
So director Karin Junger returned with her sisters, who had meanwhile grown up to become women of 20 and 21, to their native country. A journey to an unknown past, hoping for recognition and answers, but with no guarantee of a satisfactory result.
The film Birthplace Unknown is a penetrating account of this journey: the ideas and expectations before departure, the excitement of setting foot on native soil again, the visits to places and people from the past, the meetings with children who are in a situation comparable to that of Kim and Sanda's twenty years previously.
This is a film about the importance of having one's own background and about the confrontation with fate.

Director: Karin Junger
Cinematography: Peter Brugman
Editor: Leo de Boer
Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers, Bert Flantua
Producer: Ruud Monster for JURA Filmprodukties

55 min., 16mm, colour, The Netherlands, 1988

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